Invest in a portfolio built on Nobel Prize-winning research.

Our investment philosophy is backed by decades of research that comes to an important conclusion: Over the long term, a diversified portfolio of low-cost index funds is likely to outperform a high-cost, actively managed portfolio.

Pennywise Wealth Management has a singular objective: to help you make the most of your money, so that you can live better. Since our start we have developed a range of products and services in pursuit of this objective—from advanced investing strategies to new ways of offering financial advice.What unites each of our offerings? What is the underlying philosophy that informs how we make decisions that we hope will lead to better outcomes for our customers?

Here, we outline our fundamental investing philosophy—the philosophy that guides our portfolios’ construction, our investment optimization techniques, and our advice to Pennywise Wealth Management customers.

Pennywise Wealth Management uses real-world evidence and systematic decision-making to help increase the take-home value of our customers’ wealth.

When developing new investment products or advancing our current offerings, we start with a body of well-developed, robust research, then use a system of rules to remove bias and preconceptions from our decision-making process.

While we’ve formalized our investing philosophy and internal processes over time, Pennywise Wealth Management has held to these same tenets since the beginning. We launched with an investing strategy based on more than 50 years of advanced research in Modern Investment Theory. The result was an Investment strategy composed with customizable risk management. Over time, we improved, each advancement emerged from identifying more efficient, effective, and robust methods, and each time we’ve made a change, we’ve used a decision-making process less susceptible to bias. In short, we strive never to be dogmatic in our approach, but rather focus on practical, evidence-backed ways of giving investment advice and building services.

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